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Ultimate Green Banana Flour


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The ultimate Green Banana flour for gluten free baking and cooking. Good for you, tastes great, bakes great & with no banana flavour!

  • gluten free
  • 100% natural.
  • grain free
  • sugar free
  • high in dietary fibre
  • rich in resistant starch
  • preservative free
  • low GI
  • vegan & paleo
  • nut, egg, dairy & soy free

100% Cavendish Green Bananas

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Natural Evolution Ultimate Gluten Free Banana Flour.

Encompassing the nutritional values of green bananas, this high quality, tested gluten free green banana flour is full of goodness from natural resistant starch, fibre and vitamins. Our Ultimate Gluten Free Flour is all natural and suitable for many dietary requirements, as well as being completely free from preservatives and additives.

Natural Evolution Gluten Free Flour can be used to substitute other flours in baking and cooking. Always reduce the amount of flour in a recipe by 25 – 40% for optimal results.

Our green banana flour is uniquely produced in Australia using our award winning Nutrolock technology which allows for 20-50 times more nutritional values than other standard methods of production.  We produce from bio-dynamically grown Cavendish bananas from our own plantation to flour in 25minutes!

This all-natural product harnesses the true natural world for your diet. The unique Nutrolock process captures all the elements of nutrition that the green banana brings to the World.  Natural Evolution Gluten Free Banana Flour is gluten free, super rich in resistant starch and dietary fibre, is all natural and completely free from additives and preservatives.

Read more about the benefits and uses of Ultimate Gluten Free Flour on our Nutritional Information page.

How to Use:

Natural Evolution Gluten Free Flour can be used to substitute other flours in baking and cooking. Always reduce the amount of flour in a recipe by 25% for optimal results.

To make self – raising flour use 3gs of baking powder per 100gs of green banana flour.

For any dough based recipes such as pasta , bread etc, it is recommended to use 2gs of xantham gum or guar gum per 100g of banana flour to ensure flexibility.

Also when baking use a medium heat 160-180 deg C and bake a little bit longer.

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15 reviews for Ultimate Green Banana Flour

  1. Joe Vine

    We’ve been using this flour for a couple of weeks, it bakes to a nice texture and I cant detect much in the way of a banana flavour. I did some research online and the advice about using a very moist mixture works. It dries out quickly otherwise. Overall one of the best gluten free flours we’ve used based on the results we’ve been getting – hence the five stars.

  2. Jane Shaw

    This is the best of the new gluten free baking flours I’ve tried recently. It’s very fibre rich and you will need to experiment with it to get a mix/blend that suits your recipes. As the other review says, you’ve got to use a lot of water/milk to keep it wet as really drys out otherwise if used on its own. Its worth making the effort and I’m now using as part of a blended flour for all my baking.

  3. Isabel T

    Perfect for gluten free baking. Got minimal taste and slightly dark colour.

  4. Alison P

    Very pleased makes great pancakes, this is the only gluten free flour I’ve managed to make decent pancakes with and I’ve tried many times

  5. Cliff P

    Amazing flour, we had pancakes this morning using it and they were superb …we’ll be having the same tomorrow!

  6. Kate P

    This gluten free flour is a real find for me. My daughter has had to cut out gluten and this is the only decent flour I’ve been able to find. Its really easy to bake with and we’ve made some really tasty cakes. The cakes also freeze well. We are very happy to recommend.

  7. Chris K

    Good replacement for normal gluten free baking flour and didn’t have any banana taste and texture of cakes was very good. It also has lots of resistant starch (if you watched the BBC – truth about carbs!). So looks like I can bake my favourite cakes and be healthy…win win :).

  8. Allen B

    I’ve used it to make pancakes, muffins and thickening my soups, so far I’ve been really happy with the results. It arrived on time and is obviously good quality.

  9. Carl J

    I’ve put this in my homemade ice-cream and works a treat – perhaps not healthiest way to take resistant starch but gets my vote!

  10. JK

    Great alternative for gluten free bread. This was my first time using banana flour and its been a huge learning curve. You need to use a lot of water/milk as it absorbs it a lot – but persevered and the results have been really good. Will use it on cake next.

  11. Brian P

    Found this very useful for thickening dishes its really fiborous so absorbs plenty of moisture and looks to be a healthy form of starch. Not much in way of flavour although can detect banana smell if only slightly. Will continue to use it.

  12. Jane M

    Superb product :). Banana flour really absorbs so you need to adjust your usual baking techniques and use a lot more eggs/water/milk with a lot less flour. I think there is definitely a different texture and flavour to normal wheat flour but it doesnt take much to get use to it and the results I have been getting are the best from a gluten free flour.

  13. Tina H

    We received excellent service from this company. Our parcel was obviously damaged in the post and they immediately arranged for a replacement. The product is great and far superior in quality to another brand of banana flour I have tried. I regularly make a gluten free bread with this flour, and since I only use about half the flour I would normally it works out much more cost effective. I cannot recommend this product and this seller highly enough

  14. Luke H

    I cant abide the smell of bananas so wasnt sure if this was going to be okay for me. I’ve read some reviews saying it has a really strong banana smell but I thought it was okay. I’ve got to say so glad as I feel I can use this as one of the best gluten free flours I have found in terms of texture. There isnt much in the way of taste so I guess it can be pretty much used in any baking. So something of a find for me.

  15. PK

    We have been looking for a different type of gluten free flour to make our daughters birthday cake. We decided to try out banana flour as something she hadn’t tried before. The taste isn’t banana at all and is virtually tasteless but does produce a very moist cake . The downside was the cost but it is great for a treat and something we did enjoy baking with. We will definitely purchase it again.

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