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Green Banana Resistant Starch Flour


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100% natural, high quality, pharmaceutical grade green banana resistant starch grown and manufactured in Australia using award winning Nutrolock technology.

Use daily as a supplement within a balanced diet to feed your good gut flora.

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Natural Evolution Green Banana Resistant Starch flour

Green Lady Finger Bananas are used to create the highest grade green banana resistant starch in the world (@38%); rich in minerals and nutrients to promote good gut health. At Natural Evolution Foods in Australia Green Lady Finger Bananas are processed naturally to preserve the integrity of the product’s foundation, so the benefits of each banana remain intact. The unique and natural processing methods also ensure excellent taste and a rich source of natural HTP5 Serotonin. This tried and tested resistant starch flour can be added to drinks, snacks and meals.

Our green banana resistant starch is uniquely produced using our award winning Nutrolock technology which allows for 20-50 times more nutritional values than other standard methods of production.  We produce from bio-dynamically grown Lady Finger bananas from our own plantation to flour in 25minutes!

For a boost of natural goodness, add  to water, smoothies, soup, cereal or tea. When using in baking recipes, replace normal flour and reduce the amount by 40%.

This all-natural product harnesses the true natural world for your diet. The unique Nutrolock process captures all the elements of nutrition that the green banana brings to the World.  Natural Evolution Green Banana Resistant Starch is gluten free, super rich in resistant starch and dietary fibre, is all natural and completely free from additives and preservatives.

Read our Nutritional Information page for more details about the benefits.

How to use:

First time users: begin by using 2 scoops (18g) in 250ml of liquid (water, juice, smoothie) once a day. Allow to settle for a couple of minutes, stir and consume promptly. After regular consumption 7 days + see regular use below:

Regular use: Use 3 scoops (25g)  in 250ml of liquid (water, juice, smoothie) once a day. Allow to settle for a couple of minutes, stir and consume promptly. This will provide approximately 10g of natural resistant starch.

Can also be sprinkled on cereal, porridge, muesli, yoghurt, soups, sauces or added to raw food bars. Remember to ensure plenty of extra moisture as the product is very fibrous and absorbs liquids.


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19 reviews for Green Banana Resistant Starch Flour

  1. Richard Bennett

    This is by far the best quality natural resistant starch supplement I have been able to find. It has a fairly neutral flavour and I mix it in my morning cereal. The science looks good on the benefits of adding resistant starch to a diet and anecdotally I’ve noticed a real improvement in my gut health.

  2. SW

    I tried many so call “help you to feel fuller longer” and none of them really worked, till i stumbled into this one – this does work reasonably well with a noticeable difference. I put one heaped tablespoon in my green smoothies, you can’t really taste anything but it does make me feel full for an hour or two longer.

  3. Angela Horsburgh

    This resistant starch is amazing! I take two tbsps. a day and I sleep so deeply with vivid dreams and waken feeling so happy and optimistic. This has revolutionised my life. I have been an insomniac for many many years but all that has changed thanks to this product. I cannot recommend it enough. I have fed my gut bugs what they want and they have given me back my life. So grateful ☺☺

  4. Patrick J

    Excellent product used with my daily dose of probiotics it has really helped with my colon disorder. I will definitely continue to take it.

  5. Martin D

    It takes about a month to start working and it does initially make you windy. But now my stomach has settled down and the improvement in my both my stomach and general wellbeing has been profound.

  6. Miles K

    My wife now swears by resistant starch. She has been taking it for six months and now sleeps really well and generally feels a lot better.

  7. Maddie J

    Best prebiotic product I have found, mu advice is to use it in conjunction with a good probiotic to keep your digestive system in optimum health

  8. Jeff B

    Good product, mix it in with porridge or my protein shake for a good breakfast. Keeps me full for the morning. Would recommend

  9. KM

    I love this product/company. I’ve been looking for the right resistant starch product for sometime and only found Natural Evolution recently. The product is of the highest quality and the effects of using in my diet has been hugely positive. I cannot recommend it enough.

  10. Jon K

    Really good product at a fair price. Would highly recommend the Natural Evolution brand as quality is superb.

  11. Clare F

    I was told this may or may not be good for my IBS so after one week I’m impressed with results. As suggested I took two scoops for first week and I’m feeling a lot better. Looks like Resistant starch might be what I was missing from my diet all this time.

  12. HJ

    Simple to use I just mix it into my morning smoothie. I don’t notice it having banana taste and anecdotally I definitely feel a lot better for taking it.

  13. PB

    This is my first purchase of resistant starch so to early to comment on its long term effect. The product is definitely good quality and is supplied in a proper resealable plastic container. So all good so far.

  14. KIm L

    This product is really good. It easily to mixes into my morning smoothie and makes no difference to the taste and just thickens it up nicely. There’s really good evidence out there for the benefits of resistant starch so I am definitely in this for the long term.

  15. David S

    I have found this to be an excellent prebiotic for my gut, very easy to use daily. The quality is great and I’ve read lots of good things about this brand. It is a product that I will definitely be buying again.

  16. Chris C

    Great product, I take first thing in the morning in a smoothie and I find it keeps the hunger away until at least early afternoon. I haven’t been grabbing something to eat around 11 to boost my energy levels which has definitely helped my waistline.

  17. Andrew K

    I read that this would feed the good bacteria in my body. Obviously I have no way to know how correct this is however anecdotally I have been feeling all round better since I’ve been taking it – I started with only a small amount as advised on the packaging and I did experience some flatulence for the first week. I increased the amount I’ve been taking and now take two scoops per day on my porridge – which is the best way I’ve found to take it – it doesnt desolve much in water. The bit about it stopping you feeling hungry in the morning is definitely true as I go through to lunch without anything – which wasnt the case before I started using it. So from my own personal perspective I like this product and will continue to use.

  18. Jacob R

    Amazingly it keeps my stomach flat and healthy and there is very little taste (I’m not a great fan of the banana taste generally..). Even a small amount lasts a long while so its very good value. Will definitely buy again.

  19. Ken B

    As I’ve read on other reviews this does make things pretty windy for the first couple of weeks. I can see how many people might be put off by this. My advise is to perserve, its just the stomach bacteria settling down to a better diet. I take one scoop each morning in water, there are probably more tasteful ways of taking it but its fine for me. My weight is definitely falling off and I am becoming much more regular. I also anecdotally feel much better. So I recommend to my friends to try it out and give it as least a month to see how it affects them.

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