Throughout the world high quality, health conscious food products are in high demand. More and more people are becoming aware of healthier lifestyle options and are finding ways to live, cook and eat as wholesomely as possible. The team behind Natural Evolution UK are just as passionate about healthy living – so much so that we decided to start a journey to bring a new type of healthy flour to the markets here in the UK and the rest of Europe. We knew the product needed to be of the highest natural quality, gluten free and vegan, ethically produced, versatile and most of all be highly nutritious.

After a long hunt for the highest quality banana flour on the market, our search took us to Australia where we discovered Robert Watkins, the Natural Evolution plantation and a whole load of passion we simply couldn’t dismiss. A great plus was that there was more than just basic banana flour to discover. The Watkins farm produces Starch Resistant Green Banana Flour, along with an array of other green banana products for baking, cooking, body care and more. From there, the next stage of the journey began to introduce these unique green banana creations to the UK and Europe. It’s all kicking off really well and we hope you’ll agree.

Natural Evolution is all about helping you eat and live healthily with the discovery of banana-based products. We’re thrilled to be the people bringing Australia’s finest green banana products to the UK and Europe – where awareness of healthy eating, wellness and vitality is growing at an astounding rate. These fundamental elements of life are what we hope to promote with the Natural Evolution Foods range, and we think you’re really going to enjoy what you discover…

Natural Evolution - Farmer Rob

The Story


Natural Evolution Foods began in the depths of Australia as a vision to reap the benefits of the mass of green bananas being grown. Robert Watkins, a farmer with a family history in the fields, always believed the best produce with the greatest nutritional value had to be grown from a basis of healthy soil and plants.

The success of the Watkins family’s farming history has their very own hard work and effort to thank – they chose to grow a strain of bananas called Lady Fingers, which require a lot more labour and a lot more space to grow successfully than your average bunch. That didn’t put them off though and Robert Watkins, the director of Natural Evolution Foods Australia, has used his own innovation and invention to continuously move the company forward; harvesting and selling gorgeous Lady Fingers to stores across the country.

Sadly, supermarkets and chains aren’t very accepting of green bananas that are too straight, too bendy, or just not quite right. Robert found so many bananas were going to waste and this just didn’t sit well.

It was in 2010 that Robert had an epiphany – and after some research discovered that, perhaps, the left over green bananas from every crop could in fact be used to create something quite special – flour. After further investigation Robert found that the benefits of his Lady Finger bananas were abundant and their use as flour products were quite spectacular. So, the creation of green banana flour began. Today, the bananas Robert Watkins produces on his growing farm are one of the highest resistant starch foods on the planet.